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August 11, 2014
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October 31, 2014
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In every problem solving strategy, there are three major stages. When it comes to plumbing and fixing the damages in your house, the plumber needs to follow the same problem solving stages too. The first stage is the identification stage. According to this stage, the plumber has to identify the problem in the house. For instance, the leakage in the ceiling or any damage in the house cannot be fixed until and unless everything is found out from the root. Identification is a crucial stage and the damages need to be fixed after identification of the problem only. If the plumber identifies the wrong problem then ultimately his entire fixing would go to waste. We at Plumbers Harrow train all our plumbers to start their work following this first step properly. Only then the result would be satisfactory for the customer.
The second step is the process. The process is everything being done to fix a certain problem located in the house. Whether it is a leakage of the pipeline or the foundation broken from the root, the plumbers need to fix the issue using the right tools. After identification, this process requires a lot of attention. We train our plumbers to take all the tools they have in a dumbbell bag so they can be used any time during the repairing or maintenance. The right strategy has to be used by the plumbers and therefore we know our plumbers do so to take least possible time and produce high quality work.
The final stage is the completion and finishing. This is the stage where our plumbers finish off everything by cleaning the area where they have worked and adding a shine to anything that has been fixed. For instance, if your ceiling has been fixed by our employees, our plumbers will paint the little potion that dripped paint. Further, the paint, bricks and paint that have been used in the process are all bought from our plumber at discounted rates. Working on the three stage strategy we train our plumbers in accordance to, the work done is rich in quality and efficient. We encourage our customers to try and take the first step of identification themselves but we re-check the issue just in case every time. Get our services in any area you are living in and you will get discounts on our special services along with efficient work and friendly employees.

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