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April 12, 2014
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April 18, 2014
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Sometimes, special cleaning agents can be employed to try and clear a blocked circuit of pipework. They can, however be very dangerous to the health of anyone using them if not used correctly. During their lifetime, your waste pipes will have to cope with many different things from food to human hair so it is no wonder that these cleaning agents are made to try and relieve a blocked pipework system. The best and most common way to deal with a blockage is to simply use a very basic piece of equipment called a “Plunger”, types of plunger can vary but the principle of operation does not change, that is, to try and put high pressure (in the form of a vacuum) into the system to try and loosen the blockage, so, with some water just about covering the plunger base. Pump back and forth a few times to create your vacuum. Carry this out several times if it does not do the trick. Harrow Plumbers can Plunge a sink.


Blockages that are deemed to in very awkward spots that cannot be accessed by normal means i.e. deep in a pipework system some distance away are dealt with by something called a drain rod. This is a long narrow rod that can be up to 6mts in length made from sections that are threaded and will screw together to make a very long rod (if required). At the end of the rod is a corkscrew type piece that will tangle itself with the blockage, allowing it to be pulled out.


Sometimes the traps below sinks can block, so before you act you must ensure that you have a bowl situated under the trap for obvious reasons. Once this is done you can open the trap and clear the blockage, generally by hand, catching the water etc. in the bowl. When the trap is cleared, put it back together and replace. Check the flow by running the water down it and making sure it clears. A Harrow Plumber can carry out this task.

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